3.6 million EU/EEA and Swiss citizens are at home in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many have lived here for decades, but Brexit has led many to question whether the UK can still be their home.

As the recently released report Experiences and impact of the EU Settlement Scheme: Report on the3million Settled Status Survey revealed,

  • across all 3,171 respondents, 94.7% disagree or strongly disagree that they now feel more integrated; 95.24% disagree or strongly disagree that they now feel more at home in the UK
  • overall, respondents feel ‘angry’, ‘anxious’ and ‘unwanted’ (words most frequently mentioned)

There has been a real rupture, as these responses illustrate:

‘[Brexit] has marked me as ‘other’ when I felt totally integrated before.’

‘To apply for permission to live in the country after many years of living here, education, work, raising a family, has made me feel separate. I used to feel integrated into my local community, was very active as a councillor, school governor, etc; since June 2016 my perception of people has changed.’

’26 years in the UK (longer than I have lived in my birth country) I felt fully integrated and valued here. I have always worked and contributed as anyone else. And now I feel like a second-rate citizen, having to justify myself and my existence here.’

Based on the report findings, key recommendations centred on the need to look at local communities to enable EU/EEA and Swiss citizens to reclaim a sense of security in the communities they are part of, and help bridge the divisions Brexit has opened up.

Who is behind the tour and what is it about?

That is why the3million, with the support of Professor Tanja Bueltmann of Northumbria University, is doing tour of UK cities, from Bristol to Belfast, Newcastle to Cardiff. We will talk to councils, run information sessions, help vulnerable EU/EEA and Swiss citizens apply for Settled Status with our sister charity Settled, and hear from our grassroots members across the UK to look at the role an organisation like the3million can play locally.

Who might I meet on the tour?

Different people will be on the tour at different points in time, and local the3million activists will also be joining in. Some of the people you may meet are:

This is our home

We are grateful to Outline Design for the tour visual. A real British-EU citizen collaboration, designers wanted to show that we are all part of something:

At first glance the two people form an abstract shape but after a few moments their shapes become apparent. They are in the process of holding hands. There is a vague jigsaw piece form shaped by the heads that gives a sense of fitting into something. They support the words and reinforce the idea that ‘this is our home’ is about people and their lives.